Rules of Combat

Battle Scars is a competition of AWESOME / INTELLIGENT lyricism.

It’s not all about dissing your opponent, it’s about aurally and metaphorically killing them (sounding and delivering better lyrics). Battle Scars is a contest of lyrical prowess. It’s like lyrical kung fu.

Your skill, style, technique, execution and delivery of lyrical content is what you’ll be judged on…

You never know who or what you’ll be up against. You must use your intelligence to outsmart your opponent. Sometimes mad aggression, strength and power will not win the fight.

You must use your skill and think before you strike!

Dissing is not necessary, but a WELL executed DIS always goes down well in a battle.

Rules of Engagement: 1-3 lead to automatic disqualification

  1. No! I repeat, NO dissing parents or family
  2. No racism or religionism of any kind (Black, White, Jewish, Muslim, Christian whatever).
  3. No physical contact.
  4. Referee’s / hosts are the boss, follow their instructions at all times.
  5. Honourable behaviour is a must.

Round 1: The Kata

1 minute showcase round to show your skills and performing talent (bring your own backing track). This round is premeditated murder, if you don’t kill it you either didn’t prepare or… Remember only the best 12 are going through. BE ONE OF THE BEST!!!
ADVICE: You have only 1 minute. Do not waste time with long intros, long chorus’ or repetition. LYRICALLY astound for as much of the time as possible.

Your stage presence will also hold a lot of sway with the judges although it shouldn’t.

Good luck, each round you stand a chance of elimination.

Round 2: Sudden Death

1 minute 1 chance head to head against an opponent. You will be given a beat, you can get it sped up, slowed down alternatively you can go accapella (no music). Prepare for this round and has an awesome verse ready to take out your opponent.


Whoever goes first is at a disadvantage as your opponent may counter your lyric.

Round 3: The Counter Attack

30 seconds to make a beat with band (a demonstration will be given), 1 minute to spit. 2 TIMES, alternating against your opponent. You may choose to go acapella and not make a beat.

ADVICE: Sometimes it’s good to have a prewritten prepared in case you have to go first (then freestyle ability will need to kick in). A good beat helps, so work out the beat in your head before you step up and get the right tempo for your verses.

Semi Final and Final Rounds:

8 bars continuous against 3 opponents (backed by the band). After 10 minutes it will be stopped and the weakest lyricist shall be eliminated. 2 Left to fight it out to the death. The audience and judges will have white towels to throw in if you die or look like you’re taking too much of a beating. Either you run out of lyrics, a rain of towels come in on a contender and we stop the fight or time runs out and we have to judge who wins.

ADVICE: Freestyle, on the spot thinking and flowing is the only way to win this round. Have some prewritten ammo to use when your freestyle isn’t ready available. Use your ammo wisely. This is the test of stamina. If final is boring and MC’s aint going for the kill. Hosts may step in to defend the prizes and if successful. Host may win and keep the prize!